Thursday, November 9, 2023

Friendship Bracelets


The craft group I run in a retirement home is one of a number of such groups. Usually we act independently, each developing our own projects for the week. But every now and then there's a project that all or most of the groups do. The friendship bracelet is one such project. I collected the loom and cut threads yesterday, so my preparation this week is minimal. I do however need to make a sample, and decide how we're going to finish the bracelets. 


  1. I’ve done those with young kids too. Trouble is I got addicted to making them myself. Isn’t it Kumihimo? Very interesting the many effects you can get with it.

  2. Oh, that looks like fun! The loom is a great idea for keeping the threads organised.

  3. After reading your post I looked up a video, especially since the card can be made at home. I'll give it a try, too, for my hair net cord. It seems easier and more fun than the pin spool! 💜

  4. Oh, and if you have any tips, please do share.

  5. Well, the general consensus this morning was that it’s quite slow going! We thought it might be better to use a thicker thread than the embroidery floss we were given. The loom is very easy to make and the finished cord looks really good. And once you get a rhythm going, it does progress.

    1. Thank you 🧡 The French knitting loom/spool is also slow and I'm not always happy that the stitches have to be kept loose. I have a feeling there will be more control here.