Wednesday, April 12, 2023

I'm Back

 Or my computer is. Sort of. The computer people had to put a new hard drive in. They saved my photos and documents and things, hooray, but all my passwords have disappeared, along with things like my image resizer. I had planned to put photos of what I've been doing in the last couple of weeks on here, but I'm rapidly running out of patience as I try to set things up again! Here's one:

My neighbour asked me to make a cover for a baby seat for her expected grandchild. I used cotton yarn I had on hand, which gives it a cheery look. Granny will have to attach the straps needed to keep baby in place, my part is done. Now,  back to finding passwords in notebooks and exploring to see what else I need to do to function as before.... 


  1. Oh my! Losing Passwords would try the patience. Good luck!!

  2. This is so interesting and practical! Nicely done. 💗💗
    Glad your computer is back and we can see pics ;-D I been reading through your past posts and have now caught up with your blog. Sorry for not leaving a comment, though.