Saturday, April 22, 2023

Craft Group

 I'm still going along every Friday to a retirement home to run a craft group. Yesterday we covered cardboard boxes with fabric, inside and out, to make a bedroom dustbin. Or a box to hold knitting yarn perhaps. I found this tutorial via Pinterest to help me prepare.

Last week we made stands for a mobile phone out of (donated, unused) medical spatulas, decorated with pictures cut from greeting cards. Apparently, they've proved very popular. Yesterday everyone reported back that friends had asked where they could get one! I use mine when I'm working in the kitchen, it keeps my phone off the messy table top.

There's a video here that shows how to make them.


  1. These are both great projects with a lot of utility! Well chosen and well executed 🌿🌺❤️🌺🌿

  2. Oh, Jane, Jane, Jane. WHAT have you done? I’ve spent a good part of the day researching phone stands made out of fabric!!! I’m now going to try making a ‘beanbag’ for my phone so I can prop it up while I read recipes in the kitchen. BC3 says - thanks!!! I think!!!!

    1. Oh good, I look forward to seeing a beanbag version!

  3. Wow!! You come up with great projects!! :) Those all look terrific!! :)