Wednesday, November 30, 2022



I'm working on puppets again. My stocks are low and I've booked a table at a market on the 10th December. I plan to make a couple of hooded towels too, since I have none in stock now. I like to make them to order, but it's as well to have a sample or two for people to see. 


  1. Good luck with your market! I will be attending our Christmas in the Village on December 10, but just as a shopper this year, not as a vendor.

  2. Hope you manage to fill your table, Jane.

    1. I hope so too be a I usually share a table but this time will be on my own.

  3. Dec. 10th is our next craft show too. I hope you do really well!! :)
    Looks like a great start to rebuilding the stock. I have to start sewing in ends and reorganizing what I am taking along. ;)