Monday, July 25, 2022



Jack found these small mirror in the glass shop. They were on special offer, so I bought enough for the craft group to use without breaking the budget. My thinking was to make a frame using cut up CDs. It turned out that cutting CDs is more difficult than I supposed. They cut alright with a strong pair of scissors, but the backing paper distorts and looks ugly.  After looking on Pinterest and asking around, I learnt about soaking the CDs in hot water. Even that required experimentation - they cool off quickly, so you have to leave them in hot water, removing just a portion at a time. I had thought the craft group members could cut up CDs themselves, but after all that I decided I'd better do it beforehand. 

I had thought the group members would fiddle with different shapes and options and fill our allotted time, but no, they were all very decisive and decorated the mirrors very quickly! 

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