Thursday, July 14, 2022



I bought these dried beans at the market. They're fun with their mixture of colours. Last night I put half the packet into cold water to soak. This morning they were plump as well as colourful:

I learnt some months ago, reading articles found via Pinterest, that there are two types of baked beans - American and English. American baked beans cook for hours in the oven with pork and molasses and all sorts of good things; English-style are in a tomato sauce. I have cooked American baked beans, in a previous existence when I had a wood stove. Now, I don't have all the ingredients, and I don't want to have my oven on for hours, so English-style is more sensible. Jack's tomatoes are ripening, I have plenty of tomatoes on hand:

I did give a nod to American-style by adding bacon bits to my tomato sauce. I bottled two jars and kept the rest for immediate use.