Monday, November 1, 2021



We made gift bags in the craft session on Friday, decorated with pictures cut from old Christmas cards. It was good to have the paper prepared beforehand, so that everyone could make the folds in unison without having to measure. I think the bags turned out well. 

On Saturday I went to a market with towelly things. I did mean to take a photo of the stand, but clean forgot. The market was quieter than last month's market, I don't know why, but I did better than last month. I sold two towels and have orders for two more. I sold a few puppets. I have orders for 10 puppets for individuals and a shop wants 10 on consignment. The shop is going to have a big Christmas launch next week, so they want them this week. I had better go and get on with it! 


  1. That'll keep you out of mischief, Jane!!! Lovely bags.

  2. I have never thought of making my own bags. In future I shall. Lets' hope the shop sell them okay, that would be fab.

  3. Your sewing machine and hands are going to be happily busy 😍🥰

  4. Oh, and the bags do look pretty and festive, each telling a different story. 💗💖💗

  5. It's great that your stand did so well and you have extra orders too! These days it's good to keep busy!

  6. Fabulous bags!! :)
    I am so glad people are wanting those delightful character towels and mitts!!! :)