Thursday, November 4, 2021

The Maths


Following up on the previous post: the balls of yarn I'm using are 300g each, but I didn't use that statistic in my calculations.

The blanket I've already crocheted measures 150 cm by 150 cm. That's an area of 22 500 cm squared. I divided that by the number of balls I've used, 6. So each ball crocheted an area of 3 750 cm squared. 

Then I worked out the area of the parts I still have to do if I extend the blanket by 30 cm. 

A. 210 X 30 = 6 300

B. The same

C. 150 X 30 = 4 500

D. The same

Total 21 600.

Divide that by 3 750 = 5.76. Round that up and I must buy six more balls! 


  1. Good work on the math calculations. If you like the yarn, buy 7 and that way you can crochet extra bits for the night stand or something!

  2. Excellent 👍 Personally, I try to stay away if possible and order a few extra balls .... which is why I always have leftovers. Burnt once 🙃

  3. Your maths is sound and it's rrally good to plan ahead. I always had too little yarn on all my crochet projects. I really like the blanket so far! Beautiful work!

  4. Good thing you're better at maths than me, I always seem to go horribly wrong when I'm trying to calculate how much of something I"ll need.