Monday, November 15, 2021



It's tricky creating things on commission. Am I and the commissioner imagining the same thing? I spent some hours yesterday working on a Kylo Ren towel to go with the Baby Yoda one. I sent this photo to the lady who ordered it and she said she doesn't like it! My heart sank, as you can imagine. I said she had better come and have a look and tell me what changes she wants. I can always make another hood and remove this one. 


  1. Oh dear - I hope this doesn’t become a millstone round your neck.

  2. I would be crushed! I love the colors, and I think it looks fantastic. However, I have no idea who Kylo Ren is.

  3. I had to look up Kylo Ren. I think for commissions, a model or makeshift mannequin will help a great deal. Even if it is an upturned pot over a pole or something. So sorry for the heartache but hopefully she will like it in person.💝

    1. I tried various alternative ways of photographing it and then decided she’d just have to look at it in person before we could move forward.

  4. Oh, that is hard trying to figure out what someone else envisions!!
    I don't know what it is supposed to look like, but I think that is a nice hooded towel!! :)
    I just saw some hooded character towels in a catalog I get and they are no where near as nice or good as yours!!! ;)

  5. Your creation is good! I won't argue with the person requesting your towel. Their towel. Oh dear! Just know that your creative output is good!
    Hope you can settle on changes you both like.