Wednesday, November 17, 2021

Managing The Bulk


My blanket is progressing very slowly! But it is now much too big to sit in my lap while I work, especially in this hot, humid weather. For quite a while I put it in a big basket, but eventually it outgrew that. Then I put it in a flat basket on the floor. The problem was that if bits escaped, they'd be on the floor and likely to get dusty. I accidentally discovered that the answer is to put the flat basket on a small table. If parts fall out of the basket, they're hanging in the air. I find it best to rearrange the blanket in the basket at the beginning of each side so that the side I'm working on is at the top. Onward, onward...


  1. It's funny to think of it being hot and humid where you live when we are just entering the cold months. I like your solution!

  2. Good solution and good thing it isn't a tripod 😜👹😁

  3. Solutions are available when needed.