Wednesday, September 29, 2021


 I bought a jar of blueberry jam at Saturday's market. The stall next to ours had three kinds of jam - blueberry, mulberry and strawberrry. None of the jars had labels. I was a bit aghast when the stallholder took the lid off a jar to check which kind of jam was inside! Either she's broken the seal, or, more likely, it wasn't sealed to begin with. And needs to be eaten sooner rather than later. 

Yesterday I made tree tomato (tamarillo) chutney. It's a wonderful rich, red colour. Very similar to strawberry jam :

You'd get a bit of a shock if you were expecting strawberry jam and instead got a mouthful of spicy hot chutney! 


  1. I suppose a good marketing ploy would be to sell it as 'surprise' jam!!! You'd better eat it fast before it goes 'off', Jane.

  2. Trick or Treat is round the corner 😜 or should we say chutney or jam 😁

  3. I wouldn't have bought it after she opened it. I hope it's good!

  4. Good grief, who doesn't label their jars?? And for sale too...definitely an amateur.

  5. I would not have brought anything not labelled, and to open it in public to see what it was, certainly very bad, she would not get away with it in the UK.
    Glad you put labels on your jars, chutney on toast,