Wednesday, July 21, 2021

The Back


 I continued the cable from the front neck edge, knitting it on by purling the last stitch together with the next stitch from the back neck. There's a bit of a wriggle in the middle where the back cable is. That's not ideal, but I'll live with it! 


  1. Not sure I understand how you've continued with the cable, but this pullover looks real comfy and warm! 👌

    1. It’s a technique that is often used to join an edging to a shawl. The back neck stitches were on a third needle. I worked back and forth on the cable strip or edging, working the last stitch on the edging together with a stitch from the back neck.

    2. Ah, thanks for explaining Jane 😍🥰 I used this holding of neck stitches on 3rd needle a couple of times. When I told my MIL she pointed out that the neckline will not be as smooth as when all stitches are picked up, and she was right, as far as my skills were concerned.
      You always have such practical solutions ❤🌼❤