Monday, July 5, 2021

A Boon For Bees


The Kenya Coffee Shade Tree in our front garden is in full flower at the moment. It's mid-Winter here in the Southern Hemisphere and there are not many trees flowering, so this one is proving a magnet for bees and all sorts of birds. During the day the hum of traffic drowns out the sound of the bees, but I went out very early this morning and could hear them loud and clear. Jack has a couple of hives in the back garden, so we like to hear the bees working! The miniature poinsettia is also flowering and no doubt providing the bees with nectar too:

I thought I'd finish Jack's sleeveless pullover this weekend, but such tasks always take me longer than I visualise. I did determine that I have enough yarn to finish the job without adding stripes of another colour, so that's something.