Thursday, July 29, 2021

Cupcakes Galore


I baked 48 cupcakes this morning for a friend's shop. The venture started as a way to use up Jack's bananas. I used bananas that were fine but unattractive to bake banana muffins. Last week the bananas were finished, but cakes still wanted. so I baked two dozen cupcakes with lemon icing. They sold so quickly that this week I baked four dozen! I bought another muffin pan during the week, thinking that I could fit two pans in the oven at once. Alas, they didn't fit side by side. But even so, having two pans enabled me to get a better flow, so that's fine. 


  1. Great news and your home must be so delightfully fragrant! And you should invite your model for another shooting session 🤩

  2. Banana muffins are wonderful.😍 I make a party tomorrow, but I can’t use a banana because my dad can’t stand it. I make a fruit cake without a banana.

    1. I don’t like bananas either! I’d much rather have fruit cake without banana.

  3. Banana muffins that sounds yummy, well done on making such great muffins