Monday, July 12, 2021

Knit Two, Purl Two

 It's amazing how many different effects can be created using k2, p2. If you line them up, you get a neat rib:

If you misalign them, you get mistake rib or mock fisherman's rib:

But you can get really fancy; this zig zag is created (mostly) with k2, p2:

I considered this pattern for the pullover I'm currently knitting, but I don't want to work that hard for a wear-in-the-garden garment. I settled instead for another k2, p2 pattern, double moss stitch, which creates a good texture:

There are a lot of other possibilities, I'm sure, but off the top of my head, I think this is a good selection.  


  1. Simple stitches can sure make some beautiful patterns! I do like the double moss stitch.

  2. Very interesting! Great pieces!! :)

  3. My go-to pattern book has a large section on simple K & P patterns and I was amazed at how wonderful some of them look.
    Besides texture, I believe the double moss stitch is also more stretchable?

    1. Than stocking stitch? Yes, I think so.

    2. Than stocking stitch? Yes, I think so.

    3. I had used moss stitch for a border once and it was quite a bit more stretch-y that the rib and definitely than the stocking st. 😁

    4. Yes, I used it for an edging on a knitted top, a mistake, I won’t do that again. Stretched out but not back again!