Friday, July 16, 2021



Or ladybug as it is, more sensibly, called in some parts of the world. I used fabric for the hood as I don't have any black toweling. I've decided that tacking or basting the large pieces to the towels is worth the effort. I just pin the small bits like eyes and eyeballs. I took four towels to a shop in town on Wednesday on consignment. With markets and fairs closed because of lockdown, that's a good opportunity for me to still get the towels out there. 


  1. Adorable! I think I'll keep away from sewing cute towels. However, seeing your knitting and sewing projects has inspired me to consider making myself some new clothes. I'm so disappointed with the quality of what I've been buying lately. I guess it's time to use my skills!

    1. Good luck with that. The great thing about sewing your own clothes is that it gives you so much control - longer, shorter, tighter, looser ....

  2. Oooo, this is adorable 🐞🐞🐞💖🖤💖