Tuesday, June 22, 2021



I knitted this gilet in 2018 for a competition. It even won its section. But the truth is, it's not my style and I'm never going to wear it. It's knitted in a lovely cotton yarn, a pity that it sits in the cupboard unloved.  So I decided to take a leaf from my friend Dorie's book and unravel it. Apart from one section that I tried to undo from the wrong end, it was a much easier process than I'd imagined. I learnt that ladder stitch is easier to undo than back stitch! My plan is to knit Jack a sleeveless pullover. He's wearing the one that I rehabilitated day in and day out. It needs a wash now and then! 


  1. It does seem like a good idea to give unused garments a new purpose, and I'm sure Jack will love his new sleeveless pullover!

  2. Great! No waste of the yarn!! :)

  3. Seeing those balls like that reminded me of when I used to buy my wool in skeins and wind them into balls for use, years ago, lol

  4. I crown you the new Queen of Repurpose! I know the pullover will be a better use for the yarn.
    Have a question though: Is gilet a local word? Perhaps Afrikaaner? I don't remember the word......

    1. No, it’s not Afrikaans or South African. Wikipedia has an explanation, a sleeveless jacket etc. I’ve always thought it was a French word, but I’m not sure about that.

  5. This is a beautiful shade! Glad it is gained it's freedom from the confines of the cupboard 🤩