Tuesday, June 1, 2021

Beads Again


As soon as I announced I'd given up on beads, I had an enquiry about beadwork. Of course. The lady bought a key ring, but said what she was really interested in was earrings. She sent me a couple of pictures for inspiration. I used finger tatting for the very dangly pair, so that I could put the thread through the beads without removing shuttles.

 The other picture was very interesting. I realised that I've been thinking about beaded earrings wrongly. I couldn't see a good way of attaching hooks to beaded crochet rope, though a tatted ring might work. But how about knitting a flat beaded piece? I started with a size 10 thread, thinking that would make the work stiff enough. My first design was a series of zigzags, which really didn't show up well. Something bolder was needed. The second attempt was a better design, but the thread showed through too much. This is the third attempt, using size 40 thread and 2mm knitting needles. I think the idea has potential. 


  1. Your earrings look very interesting! I don't think much about beads, although I greatly admire much of the beadwork I see. So far, the only beaded project I've really enjoyed is a crocheted bag that I've made for brides.

  2. The Beading Gems latest post is right on cue - earrings ideas and also solution to attach hook!
    I like what you've attempted here, though 😍💖

  3. I think the colourful earrings are very snazzy!