Monday, April 30, 2018


I can see by looking back in my blog that I made this sleeveless pullover for my husband Jack in December 2014. It spent last Winter languishing in the cupboard because the neck was shredded. Jack is constantly delving into his pockets for glasses, phone, notebook, which puts a lot of stress on the neckline. The thought of reknitting the neckband was unappealing. I ignored it. But on Friday I had a brainwave - crocheting a new band would be much easier.
And so it proved. The bottom edge was also beginning to look scruffy, so it needed redoing too. I snipped one stitch and unravelled one row to remove the bottom band, leaving a row of loops:

I worked a dc (sc in America) into each loop and then worked a few rows of tr (dc in American terms) to form a neat edge. Hopefully the pullover will be serviceable for farm wear for another Winter.


  1. Clever, clever, clever. I find crochet so much faster (and easier) than knitting!!

  2. Perfect solution! It has a whole new life!

  3. Excellent solution!!! It's so interesting how different threadcrafts can be used to great effect and use.

  4. YOu are so good, I would probably put that in the bin, I hate repairs.

  5. Perfect recycling of an old worn out waistcoat, I expect the bin would have enjoyed it if it had been in my home. Hubby just won't let me repair anything, I can darn but no his socks are always marked bin. Well done for achieving a neat repair job

  6. Ingenious, what a brilliant idea!