Monday, September 21, 2020

It's All About The Width


I bought 2 metres of fabric on Friday, the end of a roll. The shop owner looked a bit sceptical when I said I was planning to sew a dress with it. I soon saw why. The fabric was very narrow - 110 cm, 43 inches across.  When I pinned on the pattern pieces, it was clear there wasn't enough for a dress. What to do? I could make a top, but what I wanted was a put-on-and-go Summer dress. I had a look through my stash and found some Shweshwe fabric that co-ordinated well. Aha. Shweshwe fabric has a rather stiff sizing on the back, so I soaked both pieces of fabric for an hour, dried and ironed them before going back to the cutting table:

By working very carefully, I could make a short dress. It comes to just below my knees, which is fine. This is what the inside looks like:

With wide fabric, I can get a long dress from a metre and a half. With narrow fabric, I struggled to make a short dress! 


  1. I've seen lots of clothes recently made from more than on material so it looks like you are in fashion, lol

  2. Very clever! I'm not sure my sewing skills are up to making adjustments like that. Isn't it fun to be able to use stash fabric in unexpected ways?

  3. Love your resourcefulness !!! Always ends up with something great :-)

  4. That's a very pretty, summery dress.