Monday, June 1, 2020

Plan B Didn't Work

I decided to make the mitred square socks shorter than the pattern to compensate for using cotton rather than wool. I did the triangles to fill in the top of the sock, as per the pattern. Hmm. I couldn't get the sock on over my heel. I started the second sock while I contemplated my options. Eventually I decided to do a square in ribbing and then fold it in to make a triangle. That way, there wouldn't be a cast off edge at the top.
 The good news is, I can get the sock on. The bad news? It looks lumpy and horrible. It won't do. So I'm working on the second sock again!
I'm thinking of leaving the triangles open, so the top of the sock would form two points. Perhaps do a narrow edging around it. I also have to decide whether to redo the top of the first sock in the dark pink. Now that I've decided to keep the socks short, there should be enough dark pink. I'd like to finish and get on with something else.  A pair of socks usually takes me a few days; this pair feels as though it's going on and on!


  1. I'm enjoying watching your progress with these socks. I've read through the pattern, but have not been inspired to start them yet. I'm thinking my next foray into sock knitting will be spiral tube socks. I haven't knit those in years!

  2. So onwards and upwards to plan C, Jane? I’m sure you’ll find the answer soon.

  3. I am sure you will get it all figured out and they will be great!! :)

  4. No doubt that that was not fast knitting, the result is beautiful!