Monday, May 27, 2019

Zipping Along

Entrelac knitting seems laborious, with its constant turning of the work, but it goes along quite quickly. I've reached armhole length already.


  1. This looks great! Have you tried knitting from left to right? I learnt from a class on Craftsy (now BluePrint I think) but you can find videos on youtube I'm sure. I'm much slower than when I knit from right to left as I don't do entrelac often, but my tension is pretty much the same in both ways at last (it wasn't AT ALL when I started learning the technique!). It's not that hard, I just lack practice, and that way you only work on the right side of the piece :)

    1. Very good idea! I’ll probably finish this project first, but it’s something I could look up.

  2. It looks lovely !!! The colours work so well together. I've never tried entrelac, though it's always been on my to-knit list.