Friday, May 17, 2019


My talk about amigurumi went well on Wednesday. Everyone loved the little menagerie.  I was startled to see a photo of them on Facebook yesterday, but soon realised it was part of a collage uploaded by the information day organisers. I enjoyed the day, listening to experts talk about things from writing a ballad to making a batik lampshade. (No, I won't be doing either of those things!)

Having finished the crochet blanket, I need a new evening project, something that doesn't require too much concentration. I was recently given some boucle yarn by a friend who was destashing:
It's 48% wool and 52% acrylic. Here's a close up to show just how textured it is:
Turns out that texture is quite limiting. It doesn't work well for crochet or lace. Garter stitch works better than stocking stitch. I've decided, I think, to make a cardigan in entrelac. I knitted quite a big sample so that I could refresh my memory about knitting entrelac, and be able to work out the stitch count for a cardigan. I'm thinking of knitting the back and fronts together to the armholes, and working the sleeves in the round downwards from the shoulders.


  1. Hi Jane
    I think you’ll need a couple of BC3s to work that lot out!

  2. Looks like that will be fabulous!!! :)

  3. You're doing great !!! I'd bought a brown pullover in Perth back in the day, but didn’t know the term 'boucles'.
    Great to know your talk went well. It's always interesting to learn about new creative ventures even if we don't go down that path.