Tuesday, May 7, 2019


I took the small mouse with me on Friday to show off and one lady so fell in love with her that I agreed she could take her home! In truth I wasn't absolutely happy with mouse as a sample because she was a little too big for the competition. I don't really want to stand up and say, "Like this, but this one is too big".

Since the mouse is the smallest pattern in my book, I decided I'd better look online for a  pattern for a replacement. There are a lot of patterns available, but many of the free ones require you to sign up to a website and have a password. I have joined a few, but don't want to join everything! One site that has no such requirement is Red Heart. It's thanks to Diane that I looked at it and found a pattern for a tiny elephant:

He's well below the 20 cm limit!


  1. Oh he's fun and love his hat💕🐘💕

  2. Adorable !!! And the jaunty hat truly sets it apart :-)

  3. He is so cute! It's funny to think of a stuffed animal as being too big for a competition. I guess working to meet the requirements is part of the fun!

    1. I know the very first thing the judges do is get their tape measures out!

  4. Ellie is quite lovely! I suppose being small adds to the cute factor?