Friday, December 29, 2017

Paying Attention

By paying close attention to the tension of my chains, I managed to get a motif that lies flat, unlike the one I described in this post. I do think that tension is an aspect of tatting that needs attention. If your tension differs from that of a designer, you can end up with something unsatisfactory. That's not serious on a tiny square like this one (3 cm square) but can be a major disappointment on a large piece if it cups or distorts.


  1. I go along with your comments about tension but have found that it's necessary as a part-time designer to constantly, constantly check the patterns over and over again.

  2. I really love this little square motif! Tension always seems to be an issue - I am too lazy to fiddle with making adjustments and I tat pretty tightly. I SO admire those of you who have the patience to design and figure these things out!

  3. It looks great now. Was your tension more or less? I've found a few designers whose tension must be the same and love them.

    1. My tension was too loose, I had to tighten it up.

  4. Very important tip. In my Needle Tatting I find tension is critical. <3

  5. Spot on!!!
    Glad Jack figured it out for you - good to know the passion is spreading ;-D

  6. Very unique motif! Properly tensioning long chains is the bane of my existence! As is my tendency to make very long picots. You definitely addressed both in this piece.