Tuesday, December 26, 2017


Many of you will have already heard of Cathy de Greef's project to create a huge tatted piece in Brussels, using tatted squares made by tatters around the world. Here's a link to her page that explains the project. I think it's an interesting idea, I'd like to be part of it. Cathy has a pattern for a square on her page. I tried it using Ninetta's tip in this post, I tried it starting with a ring as muskaan showed in this post.  My results were less than satisfactory - my squares do not lie flat!
I should fiddle with tension and picot length until I get it right.  I may still do that. But since the brief says other patterns will be accepted as long as they measure 3 cm square, I thought I'd look at alternatives. The thread on Craftree about the project had two alternative patterns. One of them is pretty but a bit fiddly for mass production. This is the other one:
It lies flat and has the right measurements, hooray. I had a look at Jane Eborall's square motif. It's too big, but gave me the basis to create a smaller square that has the correct measurement. Aha. Here's a photo with the stitch count:
I've created a pdf version, there's a link on the right hand side bar and here it is again. Always good to have alternatives, don't you think?


  1. Oh yes, Always great to have options !!
    As for the cupping in original - there are 2 possible reasons that I can think of :
    1. The central picot should have been a tad bigger ( did you try that folding technique which you tested for me - length dependent on number of elements to be linked to common picot?)
    2. The outermost joining picots should be a tad longer.
    Not sure whether you want to experiment with a 3rd.

    1. Jack peered at my cupped motifs and reckoned my inner chains were too long, probably not snugged up enough, rather than too many ds. So that would be another thing to try.

  2. I like your cupped versions and saw them as small “bowls” that would hold something very delicate...like a cotton ball. Pretty n Pink squares.