Sunday, December 3, 2017

Elana Ice Drop

I followed a link on the Facebook Ice Drop Addicts page to this tutorial for an Ankars style brooch. Beautiful, isn't it? I thought I'd see if I could adapt the pattern to fit in with Diane's  Basic Ice Drop pattern. I could, though it wasn't as easy as I supposed! Took me many hours. So that I don't forget what I did, I'm going to write it down here. I could also make a PDF pattern, if anyone else is interested.

Elana Ice Drop

Wind two shuttles CTM with 49 small beads on shuttle 1 and 11 beads on shuttle 2. I used a Starlit shuttle to for shuttle 1, as the beads filled an aero one up too quickly.

MB - move bead into position. SS swap shuttles. SR split ring, RW reverse work

Round 1 and 2 as for the Basic Ice Drop.

Round 3
SR 1: put 1 bead on back of hand, using shuttle 1.
4MB4/4MB from shuttle thread of shuttle 2, 4, close.
Ch: using shuttle 2 as working shuttle: 6
R2: put 1 bead on back of hand
R3: 6+(picot on R2)6
R4: put 3 beads on back of hand
3+(same picot on R2)6,M3B, 6 - 3.
R5: 6+(picot on R4) 6
R6: put 1 bead on back of hand
3 + (same picot on R4) 4 MB, 7
Ch: 6 RW
R7: 4 + (picot on Round 1) 4 Cl, RW
Ch: 6
R8: 7 + (beaded picot on R6) 4 - 3
R9: 6+ (picot on R8) 6
R10: put 3 beads on back of hand
3 + (same picot on R8) 6, M3B, 6 - 3
R11: 6 + (picot on R10) 6
R12: put 1 bead on back of hand
3 + (same picot on R10) 4, MB, 7
Ch 6 RW
R13: put 2 beads from shuttle 2 on the back of the hand
4 MB 4 + (base of ring in Round 2) 4 MB 4 RW
Repeat from *, joining last R12 to first R2, without bead on back of hand, and joining last ch to top of SR.


  1. So pretty! Thank you for working this out - I’ve been looking at that website and admiring that pattern. I bet the Ice Drop Addicts would love a link to your instructions :)

  2. Oh wow, that is stunning! Congrats on working out the pattern, and thank you for sharing it!

  3. You are sooooo awesome! Indeed, thank you for sharing

  4. Oh, P.S. A PDF would be awesome! Thanks again, Jane.

  5. A winter white ice drop is beautiful

  6. Absolutely Gorgeous !!! I like it even better than the original - this has a more wholesome shape overall. And the little blue beads look superb with white. This pattern will look fantastic even without the central gem.
    Thanks for sharing :-)

  7. Catching up on your posts and am still amazed that one can crochet beaded bracelets. You're very much an expert on those! And you're already becoming proficient on the Ice Drops. Very generous of you to share your notes1

  8. Gorgeous!!!! :) Thank you for sharing!! :)