Thursday, December 14, 2017

Marie's Pattern

Marie McCurry has kindly shared the pattern for her lovely Icy Blue Snowflake here. I don't know if I added the beads differently to how Marie added hers, but I had to have 60 beads on the ball thread and 84 on the shuttle, as opposed to the 48 on the ball and 96 on the shuttle that Marie specifies.

Because I used size 20 thread rather than the size 80 that Marie used, I used a stitch count of 4 instead of 5. Here's how I added the beads:
4 beads on back of the hand, Ring 4+4, move 3 beads from back of hand and 1 bead from shuttle, 4-4, Close, trapping the 4th bead. Reverse work.
Move 2 beads from ball thread and 1 bead from shuttle into place.
Ch: 4, move 3 beads from ball, 1 bead from shuttle, 4. Reverse work.

Thanks Marie!


  1. I looked closely at your tatting -- the 4 beads in the ring and chains junction is where you did it differently. There is only 1 bead (not 2) on the picot, and 1 each at end and start of chains, on core thread.
    Irrespective, it still looks lovely !

  2. Thanks muskaan. Marie doesn’t explain her bead placement, so I did wonder if I was doing something different to her. Effect is much the same, which just goes to show there’s more than one way of doing things!

  3. It looks awesome Jane!!!! :)
    I started it last night and when I got to the "diamond" of beads at the base of the ring I was flustered trying to figure it out also. You at least have a finished snowflake, I have a very small start. ;)

  4. Still looks wonderful. You would have to look closely to see the bead placement isn't quite there, but at a quick glance it looks perfect. I love the colors you chose. This will be gorgeous on your tree. Hope this was a good challenge.

  5. Oh so you and God's Kid are working on same thing I will have to check out this snowflake!

  6. Great tatting and bead placement. I may need to try this one.