Tuesday, December 12, 2017

In The Loop

I wondered if I could crochet a loop with a circumference smaller than the body of the rope. I could. This loop is four beads around, whereas the bracelet is six beads around. It might be important to make sure the thread and beads match for such a small circumference. The black was hard to work with, but effective.

 I wanted to be sure that the button-loop would hold the bracelet in place, so I wore it for a while:
It held fine and was very comfortable to wear.

The big beads are lampwork created by Clare Gaylard.


  1. Fantastic !!! Love the way your innovative mind works :-) Your SIL makes cute beads.

  2. What a great alternative to a metal clasp! I'm not strictly speaking allergic, but anything that is not solid silver or gold becomes black after a few days of contact with my skin. This method (if I can manage to master it!!!) will be great for me. I like my bangles but this type of bracelet is cool too. Fantastic beads as well :)

    1. Yes, I like the idea of not having to have separate findings.

  3. Gorgeous bracelet and it looks fabulous on your wrist.