Monday, October 3, 2016

Notes to Self

Before I go back to tatting, I want to write down what I've learnt about crocheting beaded ropes, so that I don't have to relearn all this when I do it again some time.
Choosing a patterns
1. A circumference of 6 beads works well for a beginner. More than that and tension is harder to maintain.
2. A single colour is not the easiest pattern to work with. 2-2-2 is easier because working each colour on top of the same colour helps to keep track. The tutorial uses 6 colours, but that needs more attention to string and isn't necessary.
3. Once you've grasped that, choose a pattern that doesn't have a very long repeat. There are patterns out there that look simple but have a long sequence. With a shorter sequence, it's easier to get in a threading rhythm.
1. Use jam jar lids to hold beads:
2. Put each colour in a separate lid. Putting them all into one lid is fine for the threading, but a pain in the neck when you come to put the left over beads back in their respective packets.
3. Keeping the colours in the same place in relation to each other helps keep the rhythm of threading.
What else? Here's what the inside of the rope looks like:
The crochet chain goes round and round. It's really very easy, but choosing a 15 bead circumference when you're a beginner (as I accidentally did)  is not a good idea.


  1. Wow, great notes ! Will definitely consult when I get around to making a crochet rope. Thanks for sharing :-)

  2. Great notes! I especially like the tip about using jar lids, something I never would have though of doing.

  3. Thank you I really will try this it's looks like so much fun!

  4. Lots useful information for your next batch of braceletzs, they really look beautiful so well done on trying something new

  5. Your sure did pick that new craft up quickly!!! :) They all look wonderful!!! :)

  6. I wonder if I use a nylon thread if the Ropes could be used for handles? Thank you for the notes, hints and helps and pattern.

  7. I agree that you have really 'sailed along' in learning this! It's fascinating that the beads can be crocheted in, and there is no 'hint' of the thread showing at all. I'd really like to try this, and you have given great tips here!