Monday, October 31, 2016

Forward and Back

I redid the motif from lesson one and the woven bars definitely look better. Reading Sherry L's comment, I've realised that my dove's eyes are not correct, they don't all go in the same direction. Which the lesson did tell me to do!

I went on to lesson two. Mmm. The graduated kloster blocks were more difficult than I expected. The theory seems simple enough, practice not so much. The overcast or wrapped bars were quite tricky. You have to keep the tension on the thread and make sure the wraps don't overlap. I redid some of it. I finished one direction, started the other direction and realised I have messed up altogether by doing six blocks a side instead of five! The pattern of doves eyes won't work. I don't think I'll redo it because I don't need these stitches for my final piece. A bit embarrassing to show it, but in the interests of honesty, here I go:


  1. Keep up the good work Jane.
    This takes me back to my school days - a long way back I know - when we were taught how to do drawn thread work. I still have the table cloth I made using that method!

  2. I like where you are going and you seem to be doing very well:)

  3. You are brave to learn something new! And I know it will look wonderful like all of your other projects!!! :)

  4. It all looks good to me. I like that you share the not so perfect results.

  5. There's obviously a lot to think about in this stitching! - but I can actually see that the second version is quite a lot tighter than the first. I have no idea what Dove's eyes are!It looks perfect to me.

  6. Don't worry too much about the dove's eyes on your first piece. That is a very common error. Your wrapped bars turned out nice. Those are indeed tricky.

    1. At least I realise now what the mistake is, so next time I'll try to avoid it!