Wednesday, November 12, 2014

This Year's Version

 Well, making the bauble cover smaller turned out to be easier said than done. When I just reduced the number of repeats on the first row from 20 to 16, the resulting 'circle' didn't lie flat against the bauble. Hmmm. The obvious solution would be to shorten the chains, but since they're only 2-2, there wasn't much room for manoeuvre. I shortened them to 1-1, which brought the rings into a circle very quickly (PDQ as my high school Maths teacher would say). Then I did three rows of mignonette stitch rather than two. As before, I did the two ends the same and then laced them together in the middle. I'm not sure I prefer the result, but there you go.

Another solution would be to use a finer thread and the same pattern, but I want the bauble to be bold enough to show up on a Christmas tree.


  1. Lovely decorated Christmas balls, I have thought of doing these myself but I have still not got round to it!

  2. well I love the one on the right, and have yet to attempt this. I think this looks hard to me I don't know if it would be easier to run out and find a bauble to fit the tatting instead of fitting your tatting to the bauble ha ha !

  3. Two lovely Christmas bubbles i like them both.