Thursday, November 27, 2014


I love my tatting bag with Anne Bruvold's dragon attached to it. It's not going anywhere. But I decided to copy it to make a couple of drawstring bags for market.

The bug material doesn't need embellishment, but the plain denim looks a lot better for the addition of Jane Eborall's  gecko. Both bags have 4 clear pockets inside, as does my bag. Good way to hold shuttles, beading needles, et cetera, et cetera separately and still be able to see them.


  1. I can't believe how many items your are making for this Christmas market, your stall must at this rate be overflowing. Also amazed how different and unique everything is. I do hope you do well, when is it?

  2. Saturday. I had hoped to share a table, but finished up with a whole table, which I don't want to look sparse!

  3. Looking sparse is easy to do with tatting! I wish I was there to see this event and love the dragon and gecko which I will make someday my mind has been working on ideas for both for a while now :)

  4. Lovely bags ! And with the see-through pockets, it is So useful .
    Hope your table Does become sparse (read 'empty') by the end of the day, Jane :-) Best wishes

  5. Good luck with the event and send us pictures please!!

    1. I must remember to take a photo at the beginning this time!

  6. Nice bags and so useful for all of your bits and pieces. My favourite one is the dragon!