Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Corina's Flower

Corina has a very clear tutorial for making this flower, which you can find here . The one with red beads was my first attempt and sticks more closely to Corina's pattern. I decided to change it slightly for the other flower, though the method is the same. Of course, I also learnt to put four beads between split rings from Corina. Thanks very much Corina!


  1. I like the flowers I will have to give those a try.

  2. Love the bracelet !!!
    I love Corina's patterns - so elegant. Many are on my to-do list. But I still have to learn a lot about, & become comfortable working with, beads.

    1. Working with beads is often a fiddle, but worth the effort involved!

  3. I love corina's patterns, they are so clear, I have these flowers to try when I have time.

  4. Very nice , like the beads in the middle.

  5. Not bad. I am happy that some patterns tease you enough to try them. It is always handy in working with beads to have a really tiny crochet hook. It is enough if it just "grasps"the thread, but between the beads it is of a great help. And I like your variant too.