Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Size Does Matter

 Jane Eborall's patterns clearly state the size of the beads needed. Unfortunately, the beads in my stash are not necessarily as clear about their size! Sometimes it comes down to trial and error. In the blue daisy, the bead I used for the centre was much too small.  The daisy is squashed and not round - it just won't do. The small white beads I used in the other bracelet are too big, so the petals don't sit correctly. I was a bit worried that the middle bead would be too big, but actually it works. Some experimenting on the blue one means I know exactly how big the bead for the in-between rings should be.  Now I can revisit my bead box and choose the right beads for a black-and-white version of Jane's Daisy bracelet.


  1. It's not easy to find just the right bead, especially when tatting from someone else's pattern. They buy from one shop and you buy from somewhere else and the two don't always marry up. I did like the blue one.

  2. We had a bead shop here in town and the lady at the shop explained to me the sizes and names too. Also you can identify them from a company call Fire Mountain Beads they even explain the hole sizes and all, I know how you feel I have a box that has dumped out beads in them and I struggle so.:(

    1. I'm sure it is easier if you know something about beads.

  3. Bead sizes and thread sizes all make a difference. I struggle with that when I decide to make something with both. :)
    I like your bracelets!! :)