Sunday, November 17, 2013


 A friend showed me a picture in the latest Ideas magazine of a coathanger with a crocheted edging and suggested I make a tatted version. In the original version,  the whole hanger was covered with thread, but I decided to use ribbon instead. I intended to buy plastic hangers in town, but they are the sort of thing that seem ubiquitous until you actually want to buy them. I'm sure they must be available somewhere, but I didn't find any. I used wire hangers that I had at home. I'm pleased with how they turned out. Sewing the tatting to the hanger was a bit fiddly, but otherwise the project was pretty straight forward. They could be a good candidate for the Christmas market.


  1. Very nice idea, perfect for a gift and useful too. I like your tatted version more than the crocheted one, and the wire hanger gives it a light look, like tatting.

  2. Yes something new for a Christmas market, I have two more before Christmas but I don't have time to play.
    Yours looks lovely I hope they sell well.

  3. Such a good and forgot about project! I used to Knit some hangers long ago! And this idea would work for baby clothes hangers too! I love this, great reminder, and new idea with tatting, thanks for posting!

  4. What a clever idea, definately worth a try for a Christmas market

  5. Bellissimo il tuo lavoretto e anche molto utile...
    Sono diventata tua nuova follower, se ti fa piacere passa da me... ciao a presto...