Saturday, December 15, 2012

The Next Challenge

One of the good things about challenging myself to learn new techniques is that in researching them I come across sites I didn't know about. One of them was Jennifer Williams's. Yesterday, while trying to find out how to make interlocking rings, I came across Karen Cabrera's instruction videos. I have seen her blog before - amazing 3-D tatting shown in  the latest post. But I didn't realise that there are also instructions on many aspects of tatting. The one on interlocking rings is number 77!  Thanks, Karen.

My first efforts were very hit-and-miss. Ring 1 and 2 would be joined, 3 and 4 were joined, but somehow ring 3 didn't intercept ring 2. Eventually I made some progress. I used Jon Yusoff's diagram  to do the final ring. Thanks Jon. This is number 7 of my 25 motif challenge. I haven't finished with it yet, I am far from confident with it, but at least I have managed to produce something recognisable.

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  1. :) Yes. Interlocking rings are a bit fiddly. But well worth the effort!