Sunday, December 9, 2012


Well, it was a very small market, with a very small number of people who came to visit it. But I sold some things, did some bartering, bought some things, including this hobby horse. It amuses me that at these  markets the stall holders tend to sell to each other as much as to the outside public. I had some interesting conversations, met some new people; the market was worth going to even if it wasn't a roaring financial success.


  1. I have some similar experiences with markets, I don't like them so much:) But to meet kind people it is always a gift from life. And this horse is so cute:)

  2. It's been about six years since I've run a market stall, and that was for my daughter. They do tend to be hit or miss. I have had some wonderful conversations with other vendors, and it is fun to see what others are creating. Love the hobby horse!

  3. Sadly that is what hapens at these small markets. Orsi is right, the postitive side is to meet people and talk about your craft. Oh yes and you do spend a lot of money buying items from other stalls, part of the course!