Friday, April 6, 2012

Pattern Links

OK, I confess, yesterday I closed the computer in a huff, even after Jane Eborall's, kind attempts to help me, and went to clean windows. It seems that the links to my patterns on the side bar no longer function. You'd think that an 'upgrade' would make things easier, but  no, something that was clear and simple no longer works. Notice that I can still go to Layout and create links, they just don't work!

If you go to Jane Eborall's pattern page and click on Guest Designers, you will find three pattern under my name, Jane McLellan. There's the chokers that are at the top of my blog, another split ring necklace and a floating chains butterfly. The split ring bracelet can be found here. Well, I hope it can, anyway.

This post will gradually disappear into the archives, so I need to work on something else so that links to the patterns will always be clear on the blog.


  1. I think I figured out the problem! The colon is missing in the link! It says http//janemactats instead of http://janemactats...

    Maybe I'm right? Worth a try?

    Hope it works!

    Stephanie Grace

  2. You're absolutely right. Jane Eborall noticed it too. After going around again a few times, I think the links are now working. Hooray!

  3. Hi Jane, I love the tatted necklace (black and white with beads using split rings)I found on Jane Eborall's site. My question to you is what size thread did you use? It only states 'cotton'. Thank you. Please email me at

  4. Oh my, I am not sure if my question was sent to you. Sorry but to be sure I will post again. Silly me. I love the white/black necklace with beads with split rings. I found it on Jane Eborall's site. My question to you is what size thread did you use for making it? Thank you in advance!

    1. I used size 20 cotton. You can use size 40 successfully, but then might need to do a few more split rings on the braids. Some people have said it is too short even with size 20 thread. I have e-mailed you Nancy, but I thought if I wrote here too, it might answer someone else who was wondering.