Friday, April 6, 2012

Pattern I used in the blanket

I promised night I would give the pattern I used in the blanket, which I copied from an Anna Burda pattern. So here it is.

First of all, your number of stitches needs to be a multiple of 12 plus 7 eg 31 or 43 or 163.

Note, it is essential to begin each pattern row with purl 2 together, and to finish the row with Yarn over, knit to the end.
K, knit; P purl; YO, yarn over; tog, together; sl, slip; psso, pass the slip stitch over; st, stitch
Purl all wrong side rows.
Row 1:  P2 tog, P4, *YO, K1, YO, P4, sl1, P2tog, psso, P4, repeat from * until there is 1 st left, YO, K1.
Row3: P2 tog, P3, YO, * K3, YO, P3, sl 1, P2 tog, psso, P3, YO, repeat from * until there are 2 st left, K2.
Row 5: P2 tog, P2, YO, *K5, YO, P2, sl 1, P2 tog, psso, P2, YO, repeat from * until there are 3 st left, K3.
Row 7: P2 tog, P1, YO, *K7, YO, P1, sl 1, P2 tog, psso, P1, YO, repeat from * until there are 4 st left, K4.
Row 9: P2 tog, YO,* K9, YO, sl1, P2 tog, psso, YO, repeat from * until there are 5 st left, K5.
Row 10: Purl.

I hope this makes sense night, what do you think? Of course the second YO in a row will actually be a Yarn around needle, but I'm trying to keep this simple.


  1. Wow...i look rapidly and it seem to have a "sense" I will
    try this evening because now i'm going to shop for food!
    How can I express my gratitude?
    Only with a thanks?

    1. It's a pleasure! It took me a while to figure out, so I'm happy if someone else wants to use it too!!

  2. This pattern is addictive for me!
    I make a sample with cotton thread "cable' 5",
    it isn't so "bubbling" like with wool but I like
    very much!

  3. Oh good. I originally used handspun cotton with this pattern, you're right, it's interesting how different yarns give different effects with the same pattern. I like the contrast between the plain 'hearts' and the garter stitch 'hearts'. Happy knitting!