Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Many Thanks!!

Thanks very much to everyone who responded to my plight - not having enough thread to complete my edging. Thanks to those who checked their stash, saw they didn't have what I needed and decided not to comment, and to all those who did comment. Amazingly, Sharon D in Iowa has a ball from the same dye lot and is willing to send it to me. Thanks Sharon.

 I've finished the blanket. I always promise myself I will only knit at night and I always finish up knitting in the day too! Now I will need to find another project for evenings. I washed the blanket and put it flat to dry to show the lace pattern up properly. I have straightened the bottom edge since I took this picture, after Jack pointed out that it wasn't absolutely straight!


  1. Just glad I had it. And thanks to Jane E. for being a go between for Jane and me. For some reason I cannot get an e-mail to her. It is in the mail.

  2. Brilliant so pleased that you have found the thread.

  3. That' s a good news!
    That you find the thread!
    The blanket?
    Very nice! The lace pattern is "funny"
    Do you remember the year and month of Anna-Burda?

    1. No, night, but it would be a long time ago. In the 1980s a friend kindly gave me a subscription to Anna Burda. But I have left them all in storage in Zimbabwe, I am presently in South Africa. I can send you the pattern as I worked it out if you'd like it?

  4. Oh yes...is very kind from you!
    I look closely to your first try and i see a repetion of 10 garter stitch then 1 stitch between two
    increase and in the center of the ten stitch you make a sssk,then you increase in the stock inette stitch....
    But at the beginning I don't understand very well,did you make 6 garter stitch and one
    stitch for the side,I can't explain exactly what I mean in english....sorry!