Thursday, March 22, 2012


I like swatching. I have an idea and then knit samples to see whether they'll work or not.

 What am I having ideas about? My daughter is expecting a second baby in August, and I want to make something special for the new baby. For the first, Isabel, I made sheets and pillowcases with tatted edgings and motifs. But the second baby will use those too, so there's no point in making more.  I thought I'd make a light, lacy blanket. Baby will be born at the beginning of Australian summer, so I don't want anything thick or heavy.

My idea was to use a scarf pattern, Branching Out by Susan Pierce Lawrence, as an edging for the blanket and then the 'fan' pattern for the main part. That pattern comes from the Anna Burda magazine. I don't have the magazine here, but have a top I knitted from it, and copied that. ( I say that nonchalantly, but it took a lot of trial and error!) It doesn't really work. I've decided not to use the branching out pattern, just to use the fan pattern with a garter stitch edging.

I can't tat in the evenings, the light isn't good enough, so I plan to work on the blanket in the evenings and the edging and remaining embroidery in daylight.

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