Thursday, March 1, 2012

Sabi Star earrings

This flower is called a Sabi Star in Zimbabwe, or an Impala Lilly in South Africa. The Latin name is Adenium obesum. My design.

Early last December, I made a pair like this for a friend in England, and posted them off with several splendid Snowflakes. They never arrived. The envelope wasn't insured or registered, so I can't trace it. I guess I should've registered it, but I did expect it to get to where it was supposed to! Anyway, I will give these to a 'special messenger' to deliver.


  1. Those are VERY pretty. What a shame your friend never got them. I hope it's a case of 'second time lucky'. Love the victorian set chains. They 'wiggle' beautifully.

  2. Thanks! The flower has a 'wiggley' edge, so the Victorian sets work very well. I was wondering what to call that chain, thinking about what you said about standardisation - I've seen it called a number of names!

  3. These earrings are sweet!

    I can understand your disappointment when the items don't arrive. You can always tat them again, if it's any consolation. :)

    1. that's why I didn't register the parcel, but now snowflakes are not going to get done until next Christmas

  4. How sad to have them get lost. They're beautiful and like the colors. Karen in OR