Monday, March 26, 2012


I'm not jumping through hoops, but using them to keep my fabric taut. The small hoop, with a rubber outer ring, is easier to use and was ideal for embroidering individual flowers, but doesn't work for the border pattern because it would need to be moved too often. I was worried that the border was too near the edge of the fabric for me to use the big hoop, but that worry was unfounded.

The label on the ball of dark green thread says that it contains 95 yards. I measured one motif, counted the number of motifs, did some conversions and calculations and decided there would be plenty of thread in the ball to complete the border. I didn't really want to use a variegated thread. I would've had to have taken much more care in deciding the sequence of stitches, or the result could've been very muddled.

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