Wednesday, September 13, 2023



I'm having to work hard to keep up with Jack's garden at the moment. The tomato crop is almost finished.  I cooked a lot of them up with onion and bell peppers for the freezer. I made naartjie marmalade, that crop is finished now and the tree flowering again.  The strawberry crop is just starting, but it doesn't look to be as good as last year's crop, so I'm not sure how much jam I'm going to be able to make. Cape gooseberries are ripening apace, I've made several batches of jam. 

Yesterday I made two bottles of gooseberry jam before breakfast and four and a half big bottles of tree tomato chutney in the afternoon. The top picture shows the gooseberries and tree tomatoes (tamarillos) before cooking. There is also a paw paw in the photo. I don't know of any way of preserving them, we just eat them and share them with the birds. The birds often get there first!

Jack also has huge bunches of bananas ripening:

There are way too many for me to deal with, but we don't want them to go to waste, so we've been giving them to an organisation that helps elderly people in need. 


  1. Jack definitely has green fingers, Jane!!! What a lotta food.

  2. Wow!! You sure have been busy!! :)
    May you be blessed for helping out the elderly. I work with an apartment complex of seniors who are low income and they really appreciate those who help!!

  3. Wow, that's an amazing harvest! It's very nice that you're giving some away too. <3

  4. Lovely harvest and you've put it all to good use!!!