Saturday, April 23, 2022

Longer Isn't Better


When it comes to patterns that is. This pattern is Cloudburst by Arienne Grey. It's six pages long and very garbled. There's no way I was going to print out six pages, much of which was unnecessary. I printed the page with the chart on it and, on the other side, the page with a picture of the finished gloves and then scribbled notes for myself. I made the gloves a bit shorter than the pattern, both before and after the thumb shaping. 

Nalu, on the other hand, was concise and clear. Hats off to Sparrowhawk. Leaves was somewhere inbetween. 


  1. I tend to agree and would do the same if I printed it out. Yet pleasing every single person can be difficult coz despite diagram, model, and written pattern, nowadays people ask for a video 😁 I shudder at the length of the videos that are in vogue now.

  2. I think it’s a mistake to try to please everyone. Choose one style and stick to it.

    1. I agree. However, I let each pattern decide how it wants to be presented, hence no fixed format 😁😄💜

  3. And then there are the patterns that are scrunched together and nearly impossible to read! I found that I had Nalu and Leaves in my files. I may stick with those, once I get around to knitting again.

  4. Looks a lovely pattern, but I do hate patterns that go on and on, I would have done the same

  5. They are beautiful. IMO the longer patterns are for beginners -- once you understand the 'how to' a graph with a few notes is the best!