Thursday, April 28, 2022

Chaos Reigns


One of the ladies in the craft group I am now running (eek!) in a retirement home, told me recently that she only wants to do sewing projects, not paper projects. She has my sympathy, I'd choose fabric over paper any day of the week, but it's impractical to exclude paper altogether. I'm preparing tomorrow's project. 

I came across this gerbera type paper flower on Pinterest here. It's pretty simple to make, everyone in the group should manage it. But what to do with the flowers? 

I thought I'd make use of these boxes I was given. The box is sturdy, but covered in writing. I tried painting over the writing, but that didn't work, so I turned a box inside out and then painted it. I know the group members will decorate the boxes much more elaborately than I have, but I've made a sample to give them the idea. Now to assemble anything and everything that could be used for the job, from paper and templates to beads and ribbons. 


  1. Beautiful project but I think I spot glue???? Really, you with glue, LOL. Chaos is just a phase of creativity!

  2. Glue and paint! I’m well out of my comfort zone.

  3. That’s quite a commitment to come up with a non paper task every week. Good luck but I’m sure you can do it.