Thursday, April 14, 2022

Cushion Covers


When I was cleaning on Monday I came across the fabric left over from making curtains and remembered that I promised to make some cushion covers with it. Oops, better get on with it. My head boggled a bit and I couldn't work out how to fold the fabric to get the flap on the outside, as opposed to a pillowcase, where the flap is on the inside. Pinterest to the rescue, I looked it up and found this tutorial to help me. Easy when you know how! 


  1. Nice!🧡 Several years back when I made cushion covers in this style, I had to figure it out from my old ready-made ones 😁

  2. You would have gotten it even without Pinterest!! ;)

    1. You’re probably right. Like using a calculator when you should do mental arithmetic.

  3. I love making pillow covers! It's such an easy way to change the look of a room.

  4. Thanks for the tutorial link. I always have to work it out for myself so having that will make life easier next time I want to do cushions!!