Thursday, August 19, 2021



I've been busy processing produce from Jack's garden. Last week I made rhubarb chutney. I needed chutney and there was rhubarb in the garden that needed using, so I was glad to come across this recipe
via Pinterest. It's not hot, but is spicy, reminds me of Christmas mincemeat! 

Yesterday I made piccalilli to use up a cauliflower, carrots et cetera. 

This morning I've been sorting out tomatoes. I peeled and cut them up and then sprinkled them with salt. This draws a lot of the moisture out. That liquid would otherwise have to evaporate, so doing this cuts down the cooking time.

I mixed them with chopped onion, dried herbs, garlic and a bit of paprika for colour, and cooked them for an hour. Now they look like this:

 Once the mixture is cool, I'll pack it into tubs for the deep freeze. 

On Sunday I cooked baked plantain chips, after coming across the recipe , again on Pinterest. A friend of ours said the other day that the bananas Jack was puzzled about are not bananas at all, but plantains and need to be cooked. Aha. Jack plans to pull the plants out and spread his 'proper' bananas, but in the meantime the baked chips are a good way to use them up. 


  1. Yum! We've been eating most of the produce from the garden. We did freeze some broccoli, but the weather has not been conducive to a bumper crop. We do enjoy what we've been getting!

  2. What a haul! Everything looks yummy and Love the tip about straining the tomatoes. 🧡💗🧡
    Commercially, we call them banana chips and I absolutely love the fried kind. There is one very special place in Kerala from where we buy, thanks now to Amazon now. They are The Best, cooked in coconut oil.

  3. You have been very productive, my tomatoes are just beginning to ripen, the runner beans are starting to fruit, you have a wonderful productive garden and will have a good store for the winter.