Thursday, May 27, 2021

Washcloth Bear


When I was thinking of things for my revamped market stall, I thought of a pin I pinned a long time ago, a teddy made by folding a washcloth.  With a few practice goes, I had the hang of it. I thought it might be fun tomorrow for the craft group in a retirement home that I help with too. So this morning I bought some facecloths. I couldn't find small rubber bands for the ears, so I've used red pipe cleaners instead. Hopefully I'll be able to find rubber bands before the market. They disappear into the fleece, so are less prominent than the pipe cleaners. It's a very quick project, so we'll make gift cards, decorated with buttons, to go with them. 


  1. Very cute, indeed! The bow is pretty, too!

  2. what about the "scrunchie" type hair bands? Very cute bear btw.. ;)

    1. Lots of possibilities! I’m going to stick to a bathroom theme for now to go with Sarah’s soap.

  3. Love the teddy bear, how about a piece of ribbon instead of a rubber band.

  4. So cute !!! You could also use wool/yarn in any colour.